Letterbox Key Replacement

Keyman Services have the knowledge and experience as Mailbox and Letterbox Locksmiths. Securing your mailbox and it’s contents is so essential because they are generally easiest to break into. Apartments always have keys to the mailbox, but the question is who else has a key to the box?
Do you need a mailbox or letterbox key replacement? Or has it been damaged or is close to snapping at any stage? Or perhaps you moved into a new place and there are no keys available for your new mailbox or worse – the previous occupants have the same key therefore can access your mail at anytime? Answered yes to any of the above? Then you need a visit from Keyman Mobile Locksmiths Service to gain you back access to your mail and to also ensure you are the only person with a key to operate your letter box.

Think about it – 2 keys are generally cut when you first get the brand new keys to your box. But when you move in you usually only get one key. What happened to the other key? It means anyone who used to live where you live and come back and your mail box and help themselves to there mail but also look through your personal mail.
Don’t go buying a pre-cut to code key if you are not 100% sure if you lock has ever been changed. You will be wasting money. Call Keyman Services – the Mailbox Keys specialists on the Gold Coast and get it right the first time.
Post Office Box Spare Keys.
Do you have a mailbox down at the local post office? Do you need a spare key or have you lost your letter box key. Cutting keys for Australia post or replacing lost of damaged keys is a service we also provide. If you cant find a letter box key, call us to make a new key for your lock. We are able to impression the lock and machine or hand file a new key to get your letter box working again.

If you need a reliable mailbox / letterbox locksmith on the Gold Coast, simply get in touch on 0408 753 429 and we will do everything we can to help.