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Caravan & MotorHome Keys

Keyman Services carry a large range of keys for most types of Caravan and Motorhome locks. All TriMark keys are carried and we can come to you to supply keys when keys are lost. We also provide a Lock Out service if you have become locked out of your caravan or motorhome. All Gold Coast […]

Restricted Keys

Restricted keys are available from most Locksmiths and are a big part of a Locksmiths daily activities. Locksmiths buy special restricted key blanks from a variety of suppliers who will only supply those blanks to their known clients. The same restricted keyway or Broaching is sometimes shared by more than one Locksmith, but each Locksmith […]

Smart Keys & Smart Phones

The mechanical key has a competitor. Whilst it will be a long time before it is completely gone the electronic key is starting to make it’s self known. Currently Electronic access comes in a varirty of forms, key pads, key fobs,finger print, eye retina,swipe cards,smart phones, watches,ipads and other tablets, and probably soon, implants. There […]